10 Steps to Better Home Security


With the decline of the economy, there has been a rise in the amount of burglaries leaving many people on edge when they have to leave the home they have worked so hard for. Many have taken steps to help prevent this sort of thing from happening to them, yet they know it’s just as likely to happen to them as to one of their neighbors or family members.

Here are some steps to help with better home security:

  • Install a wireless home security alarm system that is connected directly into your local dispatch or private security company from which the system was purchased.
  • Place their protection signs in obvious areas throughout your home’s grounds so that a burglar coming from any direction can see you are protected by a security system. Always set the system when you leave home because it is useless if not activated.
  • Getting a well trained watch dog may be an option for those who find that the dog’s bark alerts them to someone on the property. Canine training is necessary, or you will find that the dog barks at anything moving, which is no advantage to your home security.
  • Place dead bolts on all doors to the outside to prevent the lock from being picked.
  • Close and lock all windows at night. Never leave a window with only a screen in it open, as a screen can simply be cut and entrance to the home gained easily.
  • When traveling out of town, monitor your home with a top-rated SmartPhone-ready wireless home security system.
  • When going out of town, purchase timers for the lights throughout the home so it appears as if they are being turned on and off by someone inside the home.
  • Form a neighborhood watch to patrol for suspicious characters that are out of place in the community and report their activities to the authorities for further investigation.
  • Never mention in public that you will be home alone or going out of town since you never know who is listening to your conversation and someone could follow you home.
  • Always let someone know when you are going out of town and ask that they pick up your mail and maybe arrange for the grass to be mowed.
  • Never place a message on your answering machine saying that no one is at home. Instead, simply say that you are busy and cannot get to the phone at the moment.
  • Always check the credentials of those who come to your door representing the government or a utility company. Trust your instincts, and if you have a bad feeling about their identity do not let them in until you have made phone contact with their office to confirm their visit.

It is always better to use prevention techniques. Things like this happen many times a day to many unsuspecting individuals. Once it has happened, a person usually never gets their belongings back, and worse yet, have lost forever that peace of mind they originally so valued inside their own home.

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