2 Self Defense Tips – Get to Know Your Neighbors and Develop a Self Defense Alert System With Them


Not too long ago the neighbors you lived around were some of your closest friends. They took care of your children when you were at work or at the dentist. And you reciprocated without even blinking an eye. They came over for dinner, drinks, or coffee numerous times a week. It was a close-knit neighborhood. And everyone protected each others property as if it was their own.

Times have changed. Neighborhoods have changed. Neighbors have changed. But to create a sense of protection for yourself, a good plan is to get to know your neighbors. Even if it is just to develop a self defense alert system with them. More awareness in the neighborhood makes for a safer neighborhood.

Each of you can give the others a general work schedule. When you typically leave in the morning and when you typically arrive in the evening. If you stay home most weekends or get away most weekends. Share phone numbers to connect in the event of an emergency. Create some type of signal to allow the neighbors to know if you are having a situation you may need help with. It could be as simple as flashing your headlights as you enter your driveway or a knock at their door saying “Hey Bob, I’m Home”. Just something to alert them to a potential self defense or life threatening scenario. In this way they could alert the authorities.

Go meet your neighbors and get to know them. There could be a time where knowing your neighbors could save your life. And you never know, you could find some new best friends.

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Most traditional martial arts classes do not train you for real life encounters. Learn to avoid getting yourself into a bad situation. But if you find yourself face to face with serious injury or death, you will have mastered the skills to survive by following these simple systems.