2 Types of Security Lights


Security lights are a very affordable method of warding off criminal activity, they aren’t as expensive of fully functional cameras and there isn’t lot’s of video footage for you to look through either. Of course products vary in quality and functionality so it’s a good idea to know what’s available before you commit to buying a specific model. This article is going to describe the difference between two different types of exterior lights you may wish to consider.

Motion lights are fairly straight forward; they are fitted with motion detectors and will turn on as soon as movement is identified within their working range. These models are more affordable to run because you won’t have the light on all night. Leaving security lights on all night can also cause annoyance for neighbours, having high level lights on may also disturb you and your family.

Hi/lo motion lights work a little differently and are suited for those home owners who don’t really want their home to be in complete darkness during the night. These lights are switched on all the way through the night but at really low levels, when the motion sensors detect movement the brightness levels switch to 100 percent in an attempt to ward of anyone.

Obviously the one which you eventually decide upon will depend on your need, if you just want lights that are intended to unnerve criminals and you already have sufficient outdoor lighting for your needs then regular motion lights are you best option.

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