220 Volt Power Inverter – The Basics of Wattage


Choosing the right 220 volt power inverter can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Even though there are several choices on the market, selecting the best one is much easier than most people realize. There are two real issues you need to consider when choosing your 220 volt inverter. The first is the signal output. For most people, the extra money spent on a pure sine wave capable system is well worth it and shouldn’t be ignored. The second consideration lies with wattage, and choosing a system with the right wattage limit is vital. If you can understand the basics of wattage, selecting your 220 volt system will be simple.

The wattage limit on your 220 volt sine wave inverter is essentially the maximum amount of watts that it can handle. This limit can be split among multiple items, however. To figure out how large your 220 volt size unit should be, add up the required amperage of each item you want to use with it. If you have one item that needs 1.5 amps and another that needs four, you’ll have a total of 5.5. Multiply the total by 120 and you’ll get a rough idea of your wattage needs. In this example it would be 660, meaning that the wattage of your 220 volt power inverter must be above that number.

It’s also important to note that many items require more watts to start up than they do to run. Your 220 volt inverter will likely have a maximum amount of watts as well as a continuous amount. In most instances the maximum amount can be maintained for a set period of time, normally ten to twenty seconds, in order to give the items the time they need to start up. Look at this number when shopping for a 220 volt power inverter to ensure that you get the inverter that fits your needs adequately.

These are the basics of wattage, and all that you should need in order to choose the right 220 volt power inverter. In most cases, a 220 volt inverter purchased for car, boat, or RV use will need no more than one thousand watts. Home systems or those for commercial use can range from 1500 up to 8000 watts, depending upon the exact needs of the owner. If you don’t know the specific wattage needs you’ll face, using your best judgment and these guidelines can help.

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