3 Powerful Do It Yourself Home Security System Choices


No home owner wants to face the prospect of coming home to a house that’s been ransacked by thieves, who have run off with many expensive valuables. Yet, around 6,000 homes a day are robbed in the U.S alone. The sad fact is, that only a small percentage of those homes had a do it yourself home security system installed.

While having a DIY home security system doesn’t guarantee that your home won’t be burglarized, in most cases, it can act as a powerful deterrent to crooks who would rather go to another house that has no protection.

Those homes where the crooks do break in and steal stuff, but are unaware that their every move is being secretly recorded on video, are more likely to be caught by police and thrown in jail. So, if you have some kind of security system in place with cameras, you may be lucky enough to get your things back, plus, help get criminals off the street.

The most popular do it yourself systems are: wireless video, wireless alarm and DVR monitoring.

Wireless Video

Wireless video systems come with one or more cameras, a wireless receiver and sophisticated software that allows you to tap into the power of your home PC. These systems are usually pretty simple to set up, and the most basic one gives you adequate coverage of a specific area in your home.

For added coverage, you’d simply purchase additional cameras and use the software to configure them to run as you wish.

Wireless Alarm

You can purchase low voltage home alarm security systems equipment that come in a complete kit. The kit usually contains lots of sensors that are battery operated, an alarm that can be set up for audio or run silent, and a master keypad that controls everything.

These do it yourself kits are designed to be a low cost version of the more expensive systems that are run by companies charging a monthly fee. While they don’t include video, you can feel safe knowing that anyone who tries entering certain areas of your home uninvited, will set off the alarm, plus, it can contact your cell phone to alert you of a problem.

DVR System

Many people prefer the DVR kit that includes the DVR receiver unit, home security DVR monitor cameras, software and remote control for easy operation. These systems are compact, and usually of very high quality.

An advantage of the DVR is that it records a lot more video for longer periods of time. Also, the video cameras are usually of higher quality than other types of systems.

By installing a home security system yourself, you’ll reap all the benefits of having that extra peace of mind knowing you are protecting your loved ones and property, without the ongoing expense of paying a monthly fee. For additional home security ideas, go here now: [http://diyhomesecuritysystemreviews.blogspot.com]